Hong Kong Cancer Fund announcement
We would like to make you aware of the unauthorised use of Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s name in a health product advertisement published in a daily newspaper today. Please note that because of the nature of our organisation, we uphold our standards that we cannot be associated with health-related products and services.
Thank you Ralph Lauren for your continued support of Cancer Fund this year
Pink Pony is Ralph Lauren’s worldwide initiative to bring cancer under control, and this year we are pleased to announce that the brand will continue its longstanding relationship with Hong Kong Cancer Fund. From 1 October, 2014 to 30 September, 2015, 25% of the sales from Pink Pony products and 50% of the Pink Pony Soft Ricky Bag in Hong Kong and Macau will be donated to support our ongoing FREE cancer services!
Cancer Fund’s new webpage promotes well-being and holistic care for all
Cancer Fund has launched a brand new website dedicated to well-being and holistic care. This new site is a hub for knowledge on health and wellness, great for anyone looking for complementary healing methods for themselves or their loved ones. It also features instructional videos of some of our most popular classes, so that anyone can benefit from these holistic practices, anytime and anywhere! Visit our new website to find out more on how to achieve a higher level of well-being and lead a healthier life.
Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance
Hong Kong Cancer Fund is a founding member of the Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance. As a charity-led and self-regulatory membership body, the Alliance promotes accountable face-to-face (F2F) fundraising practices, for monthly donor recruitment. It sets professional standards and practical guidelines for such practices, and enhances the public’s understanding on their rights before engaging in monthly giving to charitable organizations.
Cancer concerns us all
For 25 years Cancer Fund has been providing free information, professional guidance, and peer support to anyone living with or affected by cancer. To help celebrate this enormous milestone we’ve put together a new TVC campaign to remind the community that cancer concerns us all.